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Frequently Asked Questions

In the event of a breakdown abroad, what should I do?

  • You can also use our ANWB service abroad under our personal telephone number +31592-390036.
  • You can of course also contact us.
  • If you do not inform us in advance that you are traveling abroad by car, this does not fall within ANWB-abroad and the costs will be for your own account.

How is the quality of our fleet guaranteed?

We work with fixed checklists that are carried out for every rental. We are also BOVAG certified with 3 stars.

Can I rent a car with a foreign driver's license?

Yes, this is possible, as long as it is a European driving license or a legible driving licence

Can I go abroad with the rental car?

This is allowed, but it must be requested in advance. This is because our insurance does not cover every country.

Are all rental cars equipped with winter tires?

Not all rental cars are equipped with winter tires, but this can be indicated when booking via the website or by telephone. This is completely free of charge.

Is every rental car equipped with advertising?

With passenger cars, our name is subtly printed on the frame of the license plate. All our commercial vehicles are equipped with advertising.

Is it possible to rent a car with a towbar?

When making a reservation, you can see on our website whether it is possible to book with a towbar. This is stated in the extra options when booking.

What is the load capacity of the commercial vehicle?

This can be requested in advance by telephone or email. It is also stated on the sticker that is located in the car above the rear-view mirror.

In case of damage, what should I do?

  • Take immediate photos of the situation at all times.
  • A claim form must be completed.
  • Call the police if necessary.
  • Major damage must be reported to us immediately.
  • Minor damage within 24 hours.

How high is my deductible and how does this work?

The amount of the deductible differs per rental car, this is stated on the rental contract and on the site.

You have a deductible for any damage that cannot be recovered, depending on the class of car. This can be lowered if necessary. Damage resulting from use for which the car is not intended are entirely for the account of the renter. The deductible reduction only applies to the person who has rented the car.

What is a rental day with us?

A rental day with us is a calendar day and runs from 08.00 a.m. to 08.00 a.m. the next morning. Deviating times can always be discussed with one of our employees and will be adjusted if possible.

Can I rent a truck without a driver's pass?

It is not possible to use a truck without a C driving license and a driver's pass. In addition, you must ensure that you comply with all legal requirements that apply to this.

In case of a breakdown, what should I do?

  • You can contact van Gent verhuur during office opening hours.
  • Outside office opening hours, our emergency numbers are listed on the voicemail.
  • If you are unable to reach us, you can contact the ANWB helpdesk under our personal telephone number 0592-390036.

When do I have to pay the deposit?

This can be done in advance by bank transfer or ideal payment.
When picking up, this can be done by pin or credit card.

What is optional to book when booking a rental car?

You can book various accessories, these are indicated when reserving the car. You can also lower the deductible in the event of damage.

What is included in the price when renting a car?

  • 100 km free per day
  • Occupants insurance
  • ANWB inland
  • Insurance with the associated deductible, this varies per rental car. The deductible applies per event, only if you are guilty of this.

What is not included in the rental price when renting a car?

Fuel, you will receive the car with a full tank. At the end of the rental period you have to fill it yourself, otherwise we will do it for you and invoice the fuel price to you.

In case of theft, what should I do?

  • You must immediately notify us of the theft.
  • Then file a report with the police.

How old do I have to be to rent a car?

The minimum age at which a car can be rented is 21 years. This is a requirement of our insurance.

How long do I need to have a driver's license to rent a car?

You must be at least 21 years old and in possession of driving license B for 1 year.

How can I pay the deposit when collecting the rental car?

Cash is not accepted, but the deposit can be paid by debit card, credit card, ideal payment or by bank transfer.

Is only the person allowed to drive the car in whose name the contract is written?

No, the rental car may be driven under the supervision of the renter by persons with a valid driver's license and the minimum age of 21 years. The rental car may not be passed on without the renter's presence.

Is the rental car full when I pick up the rental car?

Yes, all our rental cars are refueled for the next customer.

Will the rental car be delivered and collected?

For companies it is possible that the rental car is delivered and collected. For private individuals it is possible to be picked up at home and brought to our company. Here you can immediately take the rental car with you. If you return during opening hours, we can bring you home again.

Can the rental car be returned outside opening hours?

Yes, this is always possible, our parking lot is under CCTV. You can leave the key in the designated key safe. The key safe is located on the right at the entrance to our office.

Can I cancel or change my reservation?

The reservation can always be canceled free of charge and changed if availability allows.

How can I extend the rental period?

If you want to extend the car, you should always contact us by phone. You do not have to come to our location to renew.

How does invoicing work and when will I receive my deposit back?

At the end of the rental period you will receive the total invoice by email. The remaining deposit will be refunded to the account before 12:00 on the next working day.

Do I have to create an account to reserve a rental car?

No, this is not necessary, the reservation is made via the appropriate form and you do not need a username and password for this.

When I make a reservation via the site, is this final?

Within office hours you will receive a personal email showing that the reservation is final.

How can I cancel or change my reservation?

A reservation can always be canceled by means of the contact form, by mail, whatsapp or telephone.

What do I need when collecting the rental car?

  • You must have had your driver's license for at least one year.
  • Address identification (recent postal item).
  • Debit card or credit card with which the deposit can be paid.
  • For companies we need an extract from the Chamber of Commerce (not older than 1 year).

For trucks:

  • Driver's license C (Truck) & driver's pass

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