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Short lease from Van Gent

We offer the solution for mobility within your company for passenger cars, passenger buses, light commercial vehicles and trucks up to 12 tons. Think of peaks in the workload, temporary employment or a trial period. For these relatively short periods of 1 to 12 months, Van Gent Car Rental has a ready-made solution: Shortlease.

They are always open leases, not tied to a specific period. If you have rented the car for a longer period of time and you return it after two days, we will charge you two days. This is one of the great advantages of short lease at Van Gent Car Rental. This gives you a considerable financial advantage compared to regular rent or lease with a permanent contract. With Shortlease you use the young cars from the rental car fleet of “Van Gent Car Rental” with the complete service package.

Ask about our Shortlease rates and let us know what your wishes are, and we will make a suitable, competitive offer for you. If you have any questions or special wishes, we would be happy to make an appointment with you to discuss the best solution.

Questions about Short lease?

Contact us by phone 078 619 17 24 or send an e-mail via our contact form.